Our Expertise

We maintain multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research but the core of our work is in Multichannel Adaptive Antenna System Architecture, Communications, and Adaptive Signal Processing. We leverage our experience in the focus area to collaborate with other experts and solve problems in other fields. Some of our research activities are:

  • Multi-Channel Antenna Array
  • Phased Array Radar
  • MIMO Radar
  • Bistatic and Multi-Static Radar
  • Quantum Radar
  • MIMO Wireless Communications
  • Wireless Power Transfer
  • Brain-Machine Interface
  • Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Our team has significant experience in system architecture, CONOPS development, and algorithm development. We are trained researchers with a passion for knowledge and most definitively hungry for more. We have been tested and we have made substantial contributions in some of the most advanced systems. We are happy to share our expertise with you and together we will make great achievements.