We live by these principles:


  • Our Core Values: WEMSS Laboratory is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all parts of our business practices and we expect the most ethical behavior from each employee. Our core values guide how we treat our customers, partners, community, and colleagues.


  • Treat Each and All with Respect: Respect for all is our philosophy. Our staff will reach their full potential only when they fill respected. We strive to build an inclusive environment where everyone’s contribution counts and we promote diversity of thoughts and opinions.


  • Be Bold: To accomplish great things, we must be bold. We investigate the world’s most challenging and important problems. We never shy away from difficult challenges, tasks, or decisions. We encourage every member of our team to be courageous and bold.


  • Act with Integrity: Acting with integrity means stick to the results, even when it is costly and no one is watching. We embrace our individual and collective responsibilities and always deliver what we promise. We constantly strive to build and strengthen our reputation through trust.


  • Commitment to Excellence: Our pride is in the quality of the work that we do collectively. Together we want to tackle the most difficult and multidisciplinary problems that would be otherwise impossible. We are passionate about our team, the principles, and the constant training that will drive us to technical excellence. We are dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs; embrace the best practices, delivering the ultimate best to our partners.