We always look for expert professionals to join our talented team. At WEMSS Lab, our seasoned team is working on a wide range of research and development projects. We welcome the contribution of other experts and encourage other talented individuals to join us. Please send us an email to:

Available positions

Position: [Senior Research Scientist]

Description: A Sr. Staff Scientist with specialized skills in signal processing, communications, and engineering development. We are specialized in research, development, and prototyping of advanced signal processing solutions. A Sr. Scientist is responsible for defining research requirements; compiling data and results for reports. The emphasis is on developing complex systems, algorithms, and performing data analysis using MATLAB or other programming languages like C, C++ or Python.


The candidate will be responsible for leading and contributing to major development efforts, including system architecture, algorithm development, signal processing and work as a subject matter expert. Lead major research tasks as principal investigator on sponsor research projects. Analyze and characterize performance of state of the art algorithms with simulations, and with data from real world signals and systems. Stay abreast with current trends, and research advances beyond the state of the art in areas relevant to the organization. Represent the organization by presenting research results to sponsors, partners, and customers. Summarize research projects in the form of written reports and technical presentations that are both concise and include the relevant and important details.


  • Degree in EE, CS or closely related field
  • Requires 8 to 15 years with MS or 5 to 7 years with PhD
  • Experience in Digital Signal Processing and Statistical Signal Processing
  • Working knowledge of Antenna Array Systems and data Analysis
  • Familiarity with software defined radio development
  • Ability to implement and debug signal processing algorithms implemented in C, Python and/or Matlab

 [Senior Software Engineer]

Description: In this position, you will work closely with the software architect and other software engineers, researchers, quality assurance staff, and product development staff to deliver fully tested software applications.


The candidate will be responsible for leading and contributing to embedded software development efforts, including signal processing and algorithm implementations on embedded systems. Applications include real-time operation on embedded processors, parallel processing on High Performance Computing, and non-real-time processing of recorded data. The candidate should also be familiar with software defined radios and FPGA programming.



  • Degree in EE, CS or closely related field
  • Requires 8 to 10 years with BS or 6 to 8 years with MS or 3 to 5 years with PhD
  • Relevant language expertise includes C, C++, Java and Python
  • Experience with object-oriented programming, analysis and design
  • Embedded software development
  • Multithreaded design
  • Real-time operating systems