Our Mission

WEMSS Lab is a Research and Development company dedicated to working closely with our partners to conduct innovative research and development. Our main focus is to provide solutions to complex problems early in the development cycle. We understand current problems require a multidisciplinary team actively involve with the research community to bring efficient and timely solutions. To maintain the competitive edge we are continuously involved in research and keep a close relation to highly regarded scientific organizations worldwide.

It is our mission to serve with integrity and offer highly valued advice to our partners with the utmost professionalism and on time. 

Our Mission defines the lab:

  • We believe in personal and corporate integrity. Everyone in our organization is governed by the code of conduct that defines the company.
  • Our core purpose is to enhance the capabilities of our society through creative and innovative research and development.
  • Assist in Research and Algorithm Development, Performance Analysis and trade Studies, System-on-Chip implementation of complex DSP and communications algorithms.

WEMSS Lab was founded with the vision of producing innovative and cutting edge research to enable partners to bring products quickly to market using practical and sound engineering judgment. To realize this vision, we retain a highly motivated and talented technical staff capable of conducting research and analyzing the feasibility of proposed concepts. We also foster a corporate culture with high integrity that attracts and retains highly talented and motivated employees.